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iChange Nations

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Dr. Gordon Bradshaw and Charles Hughes Pictured with Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers

Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers, President and Founder of iChange Nations acknowledges the Community Civility Counts Initiative as a message that needs to reach the world. Ambassador Rivers commented, “iChange Nations will carry the message of Community Civility Counts to the nations of the Golden Rule Global Network. We plan to adopt and endorse this movement as one of the frontline plans to help humanity.”

Charles Hughes and Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw have worked together in the Gary, Indiana Chamber of Commerce to create the Community Civility Counts Initiative (CCC). This initiative is designed to create awareness that we can be better in every area of life. Chuck Hughes is the Executive Director of the Gary Chamber and Dr. Bradshaw is a member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Public Policy Committee. Chuck Hughes and Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw are on a mission to help transform communities through positive programs and relationships. They are both retired Chief Officers with local fire departments with a combined 64 years of service and have dedicated their lives to helping communities. Both are members of the 3M Project Global Initiative with Dr. Bradshaw serving as Founder and President. They were both recipients of the iChange Nations Distinguished Leadership Medal and Golden Rule International Ambassador appointments for 2015 at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A few years ago Chuck was impressed to create public awareness of civility, and in March of 2015 created the heading “Community Civility Counts.” The Public Policy Committee met and Dr. Bradshaw developed the logo and tag line: “Together We Win!” The Northwest Indiana Times Newspaper and Media Group partnered with the Chamber to advance the mission and created a Twitter account, Facebook page, web page and sponsored an essay and drawing contest to encourage students and adults alike to get on board. Support for this initiative is growing. The team encourages everyone to feel free to use the logo and slogan for T-shirts, posters and stickers. Everyone can help by visiting #civilitycounts on Twitter and Instagram and like us on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/civilitycounts, and visit The Northwest Indiana Times Media Company at: Nwi.com/civilitycountstimesonline

Some of our supporters Include:
The Gary Community School Corporation; the Gary City Council; Global Effect Movers and Shakers Network; Allendale County Transformers of Allendale, South Carolina; The Southland Ministerial Health Network of Illinois; The 3M Project, Community Empowerment Ministries of South Carolina, Judah Lionz Ministries of Minneapolis Minnesota, Mentoring Youth Through Technology (MYTT) of Illinois and Mississippi, Hope Outreach Ministries International, the Boeing Corporation, Hobart Public Schools, Omega Provision of Charlotte, North Carolina; the Boys and Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana; Lakeshore Public Television; the Crusader Newspaper; the 411 Newspaper; Edgewater Behavioral Health Systems; The VantagePoint Group LLC; The SCOPEVision Group; the Brinson Institute and others.

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