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Sunday, April 22, 2018


Dr. Clyde Rivers, Dr. Chuck Hughes
    Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, Dr. Gordon Bradshaw
    World Civility Spokesperson – Dr. Clyde Rivers      
In Gary, Indiana April 12, 2018, Gary was proclaimed the city of origin for World Civility Day, first launched in 2015 and celebrating its third year in existence. Dr. Clyde Rivers, World Peace Leader and Spokesperson for World Civility Day, appointed by Founders of Community Civility Counts Initiative, Dr. Gordon Bradshaw and Dr. Chuck Hughes, proclaimed Gary, Indiana the Capitol of World Civility Day. This took place at the Gary City Hall Press Conference with Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson endorsing and affirming this proclamation over their city. There were several nations represented at the Gary City Hall during this proclamation, acknowledged as the greatest number of nations represented at one time in their history. Several from Nigeria, Gambia, Haiti, Mexico, Malesia, Ghana, Ethiopia to name a few represented that day at City Hall Press Conference.   

International and local group in attendance
witnessing history
We are witnessing great international results coming out of World Civility Day. Dr. Chuck Hughes and Dr. Gordon Bradshaw along with the Gary Indiana Chamber of Commerce and Bob Heist formally with NW Indiana Times Media Group, have worked together to create the Community Civility Counts Initiative and World Civility Day and appointed Dr. Clyde Rivers as the Spokesperson for World Civility Day. The World Civility Ambassador Award is reaching platforms of the world and Dr. Rivers, President and Founder of iChange Nations™, is finding great global people of civility to honor.

Former President of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda, is one of the last living freedom fighter that aided Nelson Mandela in his apartheid movement in South Africa; helping him get free from prison and housing and protecting members of his political party for years. Kaunda worked in his country to unite the over 70 tribes that are united to this day. He was first person in history awarded prestigious ICN World Civility Ambassador Award and this has set the bar high for this award.

Other influential awardees holding the prestigious World Civility Ambassador Award is Lew Bayer, Founder of Civility Experts Worldwide Inc. and Consuelo Portillo Folgar, the “Women of Peace” for the country of Guatemala.

iChange Nations™ World Civility Day and Community Civility Counts Initiative with Dr. Gordon Bradshaw and Dr. Chuck Hughes are working together to recognize the individuals and organizations working to empower and help mankind globally and regionally. “We need to brand a new kind of hero, a new role model for the people of the world to follow. If we don’t bring these great people to our global platforms to acknowledge and honor them, we have lost a huge part of legacy intended to guide and better the world. That is the reason iChange Nations and Community Civility Counts Initiative are seeking out people doing great things to help the world and bestows honor upon them. We are creating a new standard and the world will follow,” Says World Peace Ambassador and World Civility Day Spokesperson, Dr. Clyde Rivers.